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VIP DogHotel

Planning on;
Going on a city trip for the weekend?
Enjoying the holidays at your home country for a week or two?
A night out or going shopping for the day, and don’t want to worry about your beloved dog?
We offer a variety of services for your companions.
Visit us, and be amazed of the quality and attention your pet will get at our home. Under supervision of my partner and I, your dogs are going to have the time of their lives!

We offer a lot of different services, so you don’t have to worry about your best friends well being. They will be taken care for with the same (or maybe even more😉) love they get at home. Because we offer a small-scale service, the dogs will get all day attention, and kennels are for sleeping, daytime is playtime!
Visit us, see and experience the vibe at our dogs’ paradise!
Feel free to message us if you have any questions or you would like to make an appointment for a meet and greet!


At VIP we offer a variety of services.
Day care (partial)
Taxi service
If you have any special requests, please don’t hesitate to ask!
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Daytime is Playtime

VIP is a great way for your dogs to socialize

A vacation with a VIP treatment



Taxi Service


We are located in Benissa, at Partida La Costa 22a. We are close to the city centre and next to the Toll entrance/exit. Phonenumber: 34 627 390 320
Coördinates: 38.718387, 0.047450

Frequently asked questions

During the day the dogs are outside in a fenced field under our supervision. They are able to play or sleep in the sun. They can find their shade under the beautiful fruit trees. All dogs for Boarding spent a minimum of 9 hours a day in one of our fenced fields under supervision.
Boarding VIP’s wake up around 8.00, go outside for an hour and get their breakfast inside. After their breakfast they stay in their room to digest.
At 11.00 they will be divided in Packs in one of the play areas. Around 18.00 it is dinner time, and after such a happy day some well deserved sleep.
Around 21.30 they will get another hour of pre nap time play time!
And the best news…. Tomorrow begins another great day at VIP !
We have created a safe haven of 15 rooms which is situated inside the house. Warm and comfortable in the winter time and cool in the summer with top of the line airconditioning!
When we have clients with multiple dogs, we arrange for them to stay together in one room if it’s preferable. We like the dogs to be as comfortable as they are at home. We also advise to bring their own pillow/blanket so they have the smell of home in their room.
VIP DogHotel Price list
We ask all clients kindly to read all the information provided for the benefit of your dog’s holiday.

One of the reasons the dogs and their owners love VIP is the fact that the dogs spend their days socializing, rather than being cooped up most of the day! Therefore your dog has to be socially capable in a pack.

Before a dog can become a new member of the VIP Family, there are a few (social and educational) requirements for everyone’s safety and comfort.

Before a booking for boarding can be made, every new client has to have been with us for at minimum, a partial daycare, and/or one night of boarding.

We are happy to help socialize your dog through our Daycare Service, or our Board and Behave programs. We have been working with dogs having all different kinds of Behavioural issues.

The comfort of your dog and that of other guests is our priority. Unnecessary barking during the night due to stress or anxiety could be resolved if you let your dog get comfortable first by a few sessions of Daycare, before Boarding for a longer period.

When a guest would continually bark through the night, it would make him unhappy as well as our other guests. Therefore we reserve the right to inform the owners and ask them for a Plan B. We carefully make this decision for the love we have for your, and all VIP dogs.

MALE dogs do not have to be castrated, however excessive hormonal behaviour will not be accepted.

FEMALE dogs do not have to be castrated/spayed, however 2 weeks before, during and 2 weeks after their period she will not be allowed at VIP.

Everytime your dog stays with us, we need the pet passport with up to date vaccinations. Without the passport we are not able to check in! Copies of the original passport are not sufficient. Please check with your own veterinarian that all vaccinations are up to date for a holiday at VIP DogHotel.

Follow our Facebook or Instagram story! We make videos and pictures during the day, so our clients can see their dogs having a great time at VIP.

VIP DayCare Facility

Check in/out between 9.00 and 18.00 week days. Weekends set time, at 10.00 check in and 17.00 check out.

NO exceptions, before and after these times we are providing our boarding guests with breakfast/dinner/exercise. If you are late, a boarding night will be applied on top of the daycare/boarding.

Daycare Partial 4 hours
1 Dog 2 Dogs 3 dogs
11.- 20.- 27.50
VIP Silver Member Card 10x

100.- 180.- 230.-
Min. once p.week

Full Daycare

1 Dog 2 Dogs 3 Dogs

15.- 26.- 36.-
VIP Gold Member Card 10x

125.- 240.- 320.-
Min. once p. week

VIP Boarding experience

To make your dog most comfortable, we give the opportunity to provide his/her own bed and 2 toys for in their room.

There are 2 choices for dinner:
True instinct’s Grain-Free kibble
RAW Diet

Breakfast/Dinner will be provided by VIP. In case of Dietary issues diagnosed by a veterinarian, you can provide the special food in a resealable container. Medication should be provided in a resealable container with clear instructions. This will not influence the Boarding price.

VIP Daycare Members will get a discount for Boarding. After 3 months membership this will be applied to any boarding bookings.

Christmas bookings will be for members only, minimum 7 nights. From the 1st of october non members can apply for a christmas booking if there is availability left. We have thought this through very carefully to make sure our Members have a bigger chance of christmas holidays with their family.

VIP Boarding

1 Dog 2 Dogs 3 Dogs 4 Dogs
27.50 45.- 60.- 70.-
VIP Members

26.- 42.- 54.50 64.-

Check in weekdays between 9.00 and 18.00, weekends either at 10.00 or at 17.00.

No exceptions, before and after these times we are providing our boarding guests with breakfast/dinner/exercise. If you are late, a boarding night will be applied on top of the daycare/boarding.

Taxi Service
Taxi Service is available for Boarding guests only, at times that are convenient for us.

<5km <10km <15km
15.- 20.- 25.-

This service can be provided between 12.00 and 17.00 by appointment only, depending on availability.

VIP Cancellation Policy

VIP DogHotel has a limited number of rooms available for Boarding, seeing as every family has their own room.

When we reach full capacity, we turn away further booking requests.
Since we turn away booking requests once we reach our capacity, if you cancel at the last minute we have lost business that we were counting on and cannot replace with another client.

Therefore when you cancel a booking 12 days prior to the check in date, 50% of the booking will be charged.

If you cancel 7 days or less before check in date 100% of the booking will be charged.

VIP Spa Treatment

At VIP we do not have the facilities to wash and groom. Therefore we offer 2 options from our network of dog lovers!
Happy Muddy Doggy (mobile dog groomer, comes to your home or VIP)
Dog Paradise Benissa

Appointments for one of the spa treatments have to be made in advance pending availability. Prices depend on the service provided.

Contact: 0034 627390320
FB & Instagram at VipDogHotel

The welfare of all our guests is of the utmost importance to us. Behavioural changes will occur when there is a dog in heat, and sadly it would not improve your fluffy companion, or other guests, stay with us. For this reason it is not possible for dogs in heat to stay at VIP.
We accept uncastrated dogs, however it is the owners responsibility to watch their dogs cycle. When a dog gets her period during a stay, we reserve the right to end the stay of your dog. This could be one of the examples why it is important to have an ’emergency contact’ registered at VIP.
When an owner is not able to provide an immediate solution there will be a extra charge of EUR 25,- per night. To provide the proper care for your dog in heat, she will need private walks and mind exercises, seeing as she can not join the VIP pack during the days.
At VIP we offer Boarding for dogs only. However, we do know of a great boarding Hotel for cats/birds etc, that we gladly refer you to. Just send us a message 🙂
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Do you wish more information about VIP DogHotel? Do you want to make an appointment to take a look around the hotel? Or do you want to reserve a spot for your best friend in our hotel? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we won’t bite! email: vipdoghotel@icloud.com Tel: +34 627 390 320